Bella's Book Of The Week: "It's Complicated, But It Doesn't Have To Be"


It’s Complicated (But It Doesn’t Have to Be): A Modern Guide to Finding & Keeping Love

Paul Brunson is a professional matchmaker and a life coach who is the founder of One Degree from Me, which he started in 2009.   To many he is a real life Hitch. Paul has gone on to star in a reality television show on OWN (Oprah Winfery Network) Lovetown, USA.

This novel is a great tool for anyone who is in or looking to start a  relationship.  It has a lot of educational information that gives insight to those who are looking for love or are in love.   Paul challenges you to  look at you and evaluate who you really are.  The book has a mission to help people find their true mates and to  help people determine what they are really looking for. The novel is filled with stories from his clients that brings to life the advice that Paul provides.  The information helps you break out of your shell and gives you an insight on how to meet new people. It is obvious from the book that Paul wants people to realize that we make things more complicated than they really are? It makes you question yourself about why we do what we do.  Paul gives homework at the end of each chapter that makes you reflect on the information and challenges the reader to take practical steps.

The book is written as if it is a conversational piece between two individuals. The advice in the book is honest and not only offers advice on finding relationships, but also offers advice on how to maintain that relationship. Paul brings matchmaking and life coaching to paper.  It is a book that  makes you reflect on you and compels you to take a moment to really get to know you. It’s Complicated is a must read for anyone whether single or married.

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Ms.  Missy

Posted on November 28, 2012 and filed under books.