Fat v/s Thick, Skinny v/s Boney: Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes

In the black community it seem that being slender is not the norm. As a child I was teased without mercy for being "boney".  I started a conversation on Facebook about the fact that there is a difference between being "fat" and being "thick". The post wasn't at all negative & just pointed out the fact that there is an obvious difference. The backlash from some of my plus-sized friends was unreal.    The debate lead me to the question, why is it okay to point out the difference between "skinny" & "boney", but not "fat" & "thick"? As a smaller woman I have dealt with people picking on me and telling me I need to "eat more". It's funny to me because this issue only seems to be a problem in our community.  Society as a whole embraces slender as what's acceptable. I don't necessarily agree with that though. I feel that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. Being healthy is really what's important... 

Stay Bella 


Posted on January 18, 2013 .