Day 18: Finding The Will To Fight On......

Day 18 and I want to take a day just to be real with you.  There are days when you feel like giving up, like all the good you do is of no good to anyone including yourself.  All you thought was right with the world suddenly seems so wrong. You want to fight but start questioning the sense in it because in all of your fighting it seems you have not gotten anywhere, yet you still fight.  You fight because you remember all the encouragement you received about not giving up. You want to put it all to good use, so you breathe in hard, trying to absorb all the energy you can from your surroundings, and again you try to fight another day; but to no avail because the harder you breathe in, a harder blow comes back to knock that wind right out of you.  You find the boldness to believe that things can’t be as bad as you think they are, but then something happens to make you question that boldness.  You jump up again only to be knocked back down.  You muster the energy to take another swing at it, but in that feeble attempt to make it all right again, you swipe at the air missing your target by a long shot and then the wind of defeat settles in. You sit still within yourself, all the fight you had now gone, your tenacity turned to weakness, you start losing your grip and it is all you can do to hold on...defeat still lingers in the distance, far enough away for you to try to make one last escape, but close enough for you to see and feel its threatening grip.  You want to run away so you can find the strength to fight another day, but self-pity is settling in now and it’s just easier to wallow there than to fight or run because you have absolutely no strength left.

A pretty bleak picture I just painted there, but this is reality for most people if they are honest with themselves, because we all have an off day or 30. Those days when no matter how much encouragement we get, we just can’t seem to pull ourselves up by the bootstraps.  Those days when the fight is so hard we just want to sit there and feel sorry for ourselves because every maneuver we tried was abated.  This fight is so easily related to the struggle with weight loss because so many people really desire to lose the weight, but are so pitiful due to failed attempts in the past that they can’t will themselves to do it anymore.  It is just easier to stay unhealthy and whine about wanting to do something with absolutely no intentions to do anything.  This fight is also one that you could potentially deal with in everyday life.  Again, we are making lifestyle changes here so we want to educate, encourage, and inspire you in every aspect of your life and today I want to focus on mental fitness.

I spoke briefly about not giving up before, but this type of defeat is on a deeper level.  The defeat I am talking about today is defeat in life which affects our whole being, diet and exercise included.  It makes us lose motivation to not only eat right and exercise, but it causes us to give up on ourselves and be content in self-sorrow.  There is a scripture in the Bible that says, and I am paraphrasing, “Whatever condition I find myself, there will I learn to be content”, I can assure you God did not intend for us to be content in a condition of defeat.  He may want us to be content going through the trial, but not with a position that the trial will defeat us; but rather the pain we endure for that short time will pass.  So be content in knowing suffering will not last always –keep the faith and keep your fight; not that suffering is here to stay, this must be life, so woe is me.  Make no mistake about it, I empathize with people who have that state of mind because I understand that it is a difficult battle to overcome.  I can even sympathize with these people because I have been at this point more than one time in my life, so not only do I understand I KNOW!  This experience has taught me that even in your darkest of hours; even in your bleakest of situations…this too shall pass, so hold on. 

Even if you never make another strategic move during that battle or find better shelter during that storm just HOLD ON!  You may not have the strength to fight nor the energy to run, but you use every ounce of your being to HOLD ON!  Hold on to your future because better is most definitely on the way, and if you can’t see the good in that, hold on to what you knew was good until better comes again.  Find your inspiration, find your encouragement, and find your will to HOLD ON.  If your inspiration comes in the form of reading your Bible and saying a prayer every morning, noon, and night; let God’s words and the words of your prayers inspire you and HOLD ON!  If your encouragement comes from witnessing someone else come through what you are going through or lose that weight you said you would never be able to lose; connect with that person and let them encourage you to HOLD ON! As I hopefully inspire and encourage you, I try my best to allow these same words inspire and encourage me, so please know they are not empty, but full of determination and the deepest of emotions because as I will you to hold on I will myself.

HOLD ON…Stay Bella


Posted on January 31, 2013 .