Approachable or Not???


Everyone should have their own personal style that is unique to you and only you. However, does our style interfere with being approached? Ladies will you approach a man if he has on dirty shoes? And men… will you approach a lady if she has on her workout gear with her head wrapped?

I would like to think that I am very stylish, however, I dress for me. Some might say otherwise, but I guess they know more about me than I do (sarcasm). I am not a fan of leaving the house any ole kind of way. I have to be decent, even if its just to go to the grocery store for some milk. I have friends who put on makeup just to go around the corner because you never know who you might see lol (is what they say). However, I do not believe that the clothes that I wear have anything to do with being the “catch of the day.”  On the other hand I have also seen some people who come out of their house looking like death, house shoes, hair uncombed you get the drift.

So here’s the question… Do my clothes or my style dictate how approachable I am???

In my opinion It depends…

Women, are we looking to get approached while working out in tight-fitting clothing or little to no clothing at all?  I know we often say we are dressing this way because I want to look good for me?  But is that totally true?  How could we expect a guy not to approach in that situation? How about if we have the tightest dress on at the party, or the shortest shorts at the cookout, or at church? Most times we don’t intentionally dress to attract attention, but SOMETIMES we do!  I recently spoke to a male friend who said that the way a woman dresses can dictate how he approaches them.  He said they get a different approach if the look like they look like they are just trying to "Get it" v/s if they are dressed nice yet conservatively.  

Now men, do you spray yourself with that extra spay of cologne, brush your hair a little while longer to get those waves right, or how about leaving a few buttons unbutton so that your chest can be on display? We know y’all like attention too.

What  are some other factors that make women and men approachable and unapproachable other than style?  Wedding ring?, wearing perfumes or colognes?, the presence of children?


So again I ask, "Do my clothes or my style dictate how approachable I am???"


I want to hear your thoughts…




Posted on December 11, 2013 .