GetFit Challenge Day 25: The Magic Pill...

Good day GetFit Challengers.  I hope you are still hanging in there, fighting the good fight and making changes in your life that will not only effect your health, but yourself as a whole.  The last few days we have consistently talked about not only your dietary and exercising changes, but other lifestyle changes like your spirituality, mental and financial well-being.  Today I am going to shift gears again and focus back on weight loss in particular and talk to you a little about the Magic Diet Pill. 

We live in a microwave society and we want what we want and we want it NOW.  We have patience for nothing and become easily frustrated when things don't work out the way we think they should exactly when we think they should.  The same idea applies for weight loss...especially in weight loss.  When we start a diet and exercise routine, we think within 2 weeks we should see the person we envisioned when we started.  We expect results to be immediate and nothing less.  Not only do we expect results to be immediate, we also want the work to be easy.  If it's not easy and immediate, then it's not even worth our time.  We give up and then it's on to the next quick fix (if I haven't mentioned it before this is probably the #1 reason weight loss resolutions DON'T WORK!).  Well again I say to you, despite what you think, it did not take you 2 weeks to gain 50lbs and it will take you longer than 2 weeks to lose it!  This brings me to the topic of my discussion pills.

We see several supplements and medications out there on the market that claims it will make us look Sports Illustrator and GQ ready within weeks.  They claim to burn all of this fat while you sleep or go about your regular daily routine.  They tell you, you don't have to change your diet or exercise, but if you pay $50 for a pill, take it everyday, and buy into the hype you will magically lose 50lbs in 3 weeks (an exaggeration of course but you get me).  I am not against all supplements out there, but I just want you all to be aware that there is no quick fix to losing weight.  There wasn't even a quick way to gain it!  You gained weight overtime because you ate whatever you wanted when you wanted and you had no exercise ethic; so slowly overtime you became an overweight version of yourself.  The same way it took time to gain the weight is the same way it will take time lose it.

Losing weight is all of those things the pills tell you it isn't.  Losing weight isn't easy and it isn't immediate, but it is worth it.  It can, however, become easy because you can integrate healthier choices and ways of living into your lifestyle.  Again, I am not against all diet supplements.  I realize that doctors do prescribe medications and perform surgeries even to help people lose weight, but I promise you those prescriptions or surgeries don't come without stern advice to change they way you eat and to get more active.  If you are thinking about using a supplement to assist you in your weight loss, please do the required research and find out if the medication is safe (even if it claims to be all natural) and then talk to your doctor to see if he/she thinks that is a good option for you.  Even if you are going to use a weight loss pill, I strongly advise that you use this method only when you have made up in your mind that you are going to change the way you eat and start exercising daily.  Because if you don't change the way you think by changing the way you eat and exercise, they day you stop taking your miracle weight loss pill is the day you will gain the weight back, and this time probably even more...and really who wants to ride that ferris wheel of life? Overwight today skinny either case if you are not making some real changes you will still be UNHEALTHY! 

Make changes that matter.  If you are struggling to lose weight even with eating right and exercising then you may want to talk to your doctor and see if there are medical conditions that maybe underlying problems.  Don't resort to pills you see on TV just because a picture told you someone lost weight....ever heard of photo shop??? My take home point today is, don't try to ease your way out of a situation you didn't ease yourself into.  Quit making excuses and just make time to do what you need to do to be healthy, you make time to do everything else...done with my soapbox for today...JUST BEWARE OF THOSE DIET PILLS!

Stay Bella


Posted on February 9, 2013 .